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“Shabnam’s [Shab’s] story of perseverance and resilience is remarkable. She has faced and overcome challenges that to most Australians would be unimaginable. Her book is a powerful reminder of the strength of the human spirit.”

--Paul Fletcher MP Minister for Communications,

Urban Infrastructure, Cities and the Arts

“The stories I love most are those of courageous human beings. Not always the heroes and champions that command the spotlight, but those who have truly looked adversity in the eye and risen above it. Not the person who is fearless, but he or she who acts inspiringly in the presence of fear. The tale of Shabnam Ighani is one such story – a journey of courage that will resonate with perspective in the hearts of those who are fighting for a better future.” 

--Rupert McCall OAM

 “Many of us – particularly those from the inclusive, tolerant Antipodes – think religious prejudice and overt persecution of women is something that belongs in the dark ages. But it’s still happening today in Iran. Shabnam’s happy childhood growing up in a loving family in a beautiful Iranian town was shattered after the 1979 Iranian revolution. With no government support and no opportunities as both a Bahá’i and a woman with two small children to raise, she also endured, and eventually escaped, an abusive marriage. Fighting for A Future is a story of courage and perseverance, a mother’s love for her children and a single woman’s devotion to the faith into which she was born. Stories such as these are medicine for the soul”.

--Ingrid Banwell

Artist and writer, Sydney

"Shabnam's story is one of immense courage and determination. She endured religious persecution, risked imprisonment and detainment, and faced many other obstacles, all while seeking freedom, independence and a better life for herself and her family. This is a great read for anyone out there looking for inspiration, guidance, support and encouragement to overcome the challenges in their own lives".

--Dr Debra Palesy


“I have had the privilege of working with Shabnam Ighani on her memoir, Fighting For a Future, as her editor. Shabnam’s story is unique, beautiful and uplifting, despite the trauma and hardship she experienced in her life and at such a young age. Read Fighting For a Future to discover the strength within us all to overcome the obstacles life throws our way, and to be inspired and moved by Shabnam’s journey”. 

--Tanya Natalie

Freelance editor/proof-reader, owner of bookshop, Sydney

“ In order to achieve freedom and independence, Shabnam travels to the other side of the world alone with her two young sons. This is an amazing story of a young woman’s courage, determination, resilience and love for her family. A truly inspirational read for anyone who’s life’s journey is challenging and unpredictable.”

--Megan Thomas

Former Nursing Unit Manager

“Shabanm’s story is one of hope, courage and inner strength to overcome adversity and religious persuasion in Iran. Sadly a story that should be one of times past but still resonates with events happening in today’s society. I thoroughly recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a spark to create change in their lives or having personal struggles they think are too difficult to overcome”.

--Adam Robertson

Registered Nurse, Atlanta, Georgia

“It’s amazing how inner strength and determination can aid a mothers desperate journey to freedom saving her two sons and herself from the harmful Islamic Regime. Nothing could break Shabnam’s spirit as she survived against all odds, while extricating herself and children from a hopeless existence in Iran. A remarkable read, which will give power and inspiration to all women”.

--Rachel Groth

Aged Service Emergency Team, Sydney

“Greatly compassionate and plaintively evocative, this memoir showcases how resilience and courage in the face of denial and prejudice can shine through in oppression times, even from a humble and idyllic livelihood. Shabnam writes with a plaintive candidness and honesty and I loved being transported to her childhood and memories of her life. This would be an amazing read for anyone out there looking for inspiration, guidance, support and encouragement."

--Hugo Foong

Producer, Actor, Sydney

“Shabnam’s strength, resilience and bravery shines through in this fascinating and inspiring account of her journey to freedom. Her love for her family and her two little boys is so powerful, and to read her account of her determination to keep them safe and build a better life for them is truly heart warming. Shabnam is an inspiration to anyone who has struggled, anyone who thinks they are unable to overcome life’s challenges and to anyone who feels powerless to fight for what they deserve. She is an amazing woman who should be admired and celebrated, not just for her bravery and determination, but for everything she has achieved against the odds”.

--Ellie Borrell

“Shabnam’s life and the turmoil/discrimination herself and her family face in a religiously divided country is both captivating and empowering. How enlightening it is to experience life through Shabnam’s eyes and to be enthralled by the roller coaster of emotions that follows as she tells her story. A motivating read”.

--Michelle Chua

Occupational Therapist

“Shabnam's story is a captivating tale of perseverance, courage and love. As she flees religious persecution and an abusive marriage, she discovers true freedom and strength in her own independence. This is an inspirational read about overcoming adversity and thriving against all odds”. 

--Doctor Dana Kim

“In our life journey we come across many people and there are those who have that instant impact and connection with you – Shabnam is one of those people. Her life story is inspiring, eye opening, challenging and most of all it demonstrates how you can achieve anything in life even when life can throw you challenges that can seem insurmountable.  Shabnam is one of the most caring and kind individuals you can meet who inspires many.  This is a must read as there are many life lessons that can be learnt from Shabnam”.

--Alison Zecchin

General Manager/Director of Nursing and Midwifery- Northern Sydney

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