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Shabnam's memoir begins at her birth and takes the reader on a journey of childhood in Iran under the freedom of the Shah, his expulsion, the Islamic Republic Revolution in 1979. Just days after the revolution, the ruling government changed from the western influence of the Shah of Iran to an extreme, religious, Muslim-controlled government. 

From a carefree life with a loving family, Shabnam became the subject of constant discrimination in school for her faith and for being female. The relentless torment and control stopped her from achieving her childhood dream of entry into university. She could no longer hope to be a free and independent woman. Marrying the wrong man was the last straw for her emotional wellbeing. In 1996, Shabnam, now 29 years old, decided to flee Iran with her two sons Sal (10) and Sam (5) and seek freedom in Australia to fulfil her dreams. 

Their first attempt to escape Iran saw them caught and subject to deportation and imprisonment back in Iran. Both her boys clung to her lovingly and supported her to overcome the obstacles to cross the Turkish border a second time - despite the dangers involved. Their second attempt was, at last, a success, Finally, Shabnam could embrace true independence and be free from the oppression and restrictions that a religious government and controlling husband held her over. 

Throughout her life journey, Shabnam has experienced ups and downs, at times becoming miserable and clinically depressed - even to the point of thinking to end her life. It was the love for her children and the determination that Fighting for a Future opened up a new direction that changes her life completely. 

With that determination, hard work and a new positive direction, Shabnam created 10 self-made rules she used to overcome her depression and life's obstacles, and finally achieved her goal of becoming a strong, professional woman, an inspiration to family, friends and co-workers; a woman she hopes can inspire others, through the telling of her life story. 

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