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Your success lies in your heart

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

We all have a dream, a vision and aspirations of being successful. Success is so subjective, it comes in different ways and each of us interpret success differently. Success for some people can be to achieve financial freedom, a nice job, a dream house, a flexible work schedule or a noble life. However, success is not only about being rich it is about personal fulfilment and happiness.

We look at other people’s successes without realising that they work so hard to reach their goal. Most people just look on the surface. When we see successful people we think oh yeah they are just lucky! You might be right but not always. Luck plays some percentage in your future success. Your success is dependent on two things luck and hustle. The combination of these two and many other factors such as dedication and ongoing hard work push you towards success.

What I am trying to say is, not all success comes from luck. Underneath all of those successes is an unbreakable chain of dedication and self discipline. Your success lies in your heart. Regardless, what do you see your success in? The success comes from a commination of many factors that allow this to happen. Whatever success you are looking for there is few essential skills that help you to achieve it faster.


Believe in yourself and be confident that you are an achiever. You know you can do anyting if you believe in yourself. “It is confidence in our bodies, minds and spirits that allows us to keep looking for new adventure” as Oprah Winfrey. Replace any negative thoughts from your mind and replace it with a positive one. You are clever, talented and good enough to become successful. Believe on your ability and strength and work on your weakness. Surround yourself with successful and positive people as the postive engery helps you to push your way through to success and overcome the potential obstacles. Use daily affirmations and tell yourself YOU CAN! You know that you can do anything if you believe in yourself.


Goal setting is important as it gives you direction and purpose. Setting goals assist and guide you to focus on you targets, to overcome your procrastination, to have a long-term vision and to keep you on track. It also gives you motivation and skills to manage your time, energy and resources appropriately. Without a goal you are not able to measure your progress. Essentially, goals inspire you to take action.


Believing in yourself and having goals and plans for your future is great but it is not enough on its own. When you have a future plan or goal for yourself, keep your idea and success as a vision in your mind and as a dream. By not doing anything about it means the goal is not reached. The dream only comes true if you act on it. Action is the core to success. You can have all the brilliant ideas and goals but without action it will get you no where.


As a human we all make mistakes at some stage in our life. It is normal as far as we learn your mistakes rather than getting depressed and demotivated. Keep this in mind that all of those lessons learned from your mistakes brought you closer to achieving your goal and success.


Self-descipline helps estabilish a positive routine. It gives you the power and inner strength to stick to your plan, and allows you to overcome obstacles and procrastination.


Sometimes you will do anything to achieve your goal but it does not work. You believe in yourself, have a goal, act on your plan and are disciplined but find its still not enough. So you are missing the important skill, persistence. Persistence is linked to personal development and improvement. It is a major self-quality to develop in life to be able to complete a task and reach success.


What is the price of success? Many people believe that actual success is never achieved without sacrifice. Is it something you are familiar with? We often scarifice time, relaxation time, social life, family time and sleep to reach success. How many times have you turned down a invitation to a party or dream holiday to complete a task. The truth is, sacrifice will let your energy be directed into completing an important task.


While working and focusing on your plan A, having a plan B is essential as a back up or alternative strategy. Has this happened to you planing to have a party outside and all of the sudden it started to rain? Did you have any plan B?

Plan B allows you to use a stratiegy to redirct your energy and focus a different way to reach the same goal. A simple example is restoring blood supply to a blocked artery in the heart. The surgen’s plan A is to use a stent or balloon to open the blocked artery, but if this plan fails, the surgeon use plan B “bypass surgery” to achieve the same goal by restoring blood supply to the heart by diverting the flow of blood around a section of blocked artery in your heart. It is important to have Plan B to deal with the unexpected!

Success is achievable with a plan, a strategy and hard work. Set your heart on your goal and your success as your success lies in your heart.

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